Technical data:

5 kW (3-7 kW) ≈ 30-105 m2
Combustion efficiency: 81 %
Energy category A+
Flue gas data: 295°C ved 20°C, 12 pa.
External dimensions (HxWxL): A x B x C 100x49x35 cm
Combustion chamber (HxWxL): 26/38x30x26 cm
Firewood length: 28 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Smoke outlet diameter: Ø15 cm
Installation height top D 85.5 cm
Rear edge to centre of smoke outlet: E 11.5 cm
Installation height top: F 99 cm
Furniture distance: 81 cm
Distance to combustible: Bag = 20 cm. Sider = 20 cm

Varde Ovne reserves the right to alter dimensions etc., which may affect installation.

About Samsø
Wide combustion chamber means extra options
With its light and rustic design, Varde Samsø is a popular wood-burning stove. This wood-burning stove has a good view of the fire.

The uniform handles on the stove’s combustion chamber and ash pan contribute to its attractive, coherent design. The open space in the base of the stove is perfect for storing firewood or tools, such as protective gloves.

Like all other Varde stoves, Varde Samsø has a pane-cleaning function which ensures that the flames burn the glass clean when the stove is fired correctly, which means that there is always a clear view of the fire.

An environmentally friendly wood-burning stove
All Varde wood-burning stoves are CO2 neutral, which means that your stove burns wood so efficiently that it emits a bare minimum of pollution, while also meeting the most stringent environmental standards in Europe. Varde Samsø’s output effect is 81%, which means that 81% of the firewood is used.