Technical data:

6 kW (4-8 kW) ≈ 45-120 m2
Combustion efficiency: 82 %
Energy category A+
Flue gas data: 298°C ved 20°C, 12 pa.
External dimensions (HxWxL): A x B x C 110x51x44 cm
Combustion chamber (HxWxL): 36x31/39x25 cm
Firewood length: 28 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Smoke outlet diameter: Ø15 cm
Installation height top D 93 cm
Rear edge to centre of smoke outlet: E 17 cm
Installation height top: F 108 cm
Furniture distance: 80 cm
Distance to combustible: Bag = 18 cm. Sider = 45 cm

Varde Ovne reserves the right to alter dimensions etc., which may affect installation.

About Varde Nice Air
Better combustion and indoor climate with AirBox system
Varde Nice Air is a faithful copy of Varde Nice. What is different is that the Varde Nice Air model features an AirBox system that allows the wood-burning stove to draw air from outside the home, instead of from the room where it stands. This produces better combustion and a better indoor climate, especially if your home is densely insulated. All you have to do is connect a flex pipe kit.

Curved glass side and front panels
The Varde Nice Air wood-burning stove impresses with its elegant appearance, with its rounded forms that float on a pedestal. The curved side and front glass panels provide a 180 degree flame experience that spreads cosiness and great heating in the room.

Ergonomic, environmentally-friendly wood-burning stove
This wood-burning stove with its large combustion chamber is an ergonomic delight. Air control is located at the top of the wood-burning stove and is easy to operate. The door handle is cool to the touch so that you do not burn your hands.

The top plate, door, base, grate and smoke outlet are all made of cast iron. This solid craftsmanship ensures that this wood-burning stove will last for a very long time. As standard, this wood-burning stove has a top-mounted smoke outlet, but a rear-facing outlet can be fitted, which requires a cast iron top cover (available as an optional extra).