Technical data:

5 kW (3-7 kW) ≈ 30-105 m2
Combustion efficiency: 81 %
Energy category A+
Flue gas data: 265°C ved 20°C, 12 pa.
External dimensions (HxWxL): A x B x C 110x51x45 cm
Combustion chamber (HxWxL): 26/38x30x30 cm
Firewood length: 30 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Installation height top D 92 cm
Rear edge to centre of smoke outlet: E 17 cm
Installation height top: F 107 cm
Furniture distance: 80 cm
Distance to combustible: Bag = 12.5 cm. Sider = 30 cm

Varde Ovne reserves the right to alter dimensions etc., which may affect installation.

VARDE Aura 11
A free-standing and elegant wood-burning stove, in black
This Varde Aura 11 is an incredibly elegant wood-burning stove, with a floating design expressed by its position on a pedestal. The curved front glass pane provides a unique view of the flames as they diffuse heat and cosiness through your home.
Ergonomic combustion chamber and air control
The height of the combustion chamber offers ergonomic advantages, with easy-to-use top-mounted airflow adjustment. This ensures optimum firewood combustion. The tempered handles are cool to the touch. The ash pan is concealed, to provide a harmonious expression and ensure that the ash does not leave dust deposits in your home. The top plate, door, grate and smoke outlet are also made of solid cast iron, to ensure a long service life. 

The Varde Aura 11 wood-burning stove has a top-mounted smoke outlet. If you prefer a more simple look in the room, a rear-facing outlet can be fitted, which requires a cast iron top cover (available as an optional extra).