Technical data:

5 kW (3-7 kW) ≈ 30-105 m2
Combustion efficiency: 81 %
Energy category A+
Flue gas data: 295°C ved 20°C, 12 pa.
External dimensions (HxWxL): A x B x C 100x46x35 cm
Combustion chamber (HxWxL): 26/38x30x26 cm
Firewood length: 28 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Smoke outlet diameter: Ø15 cm
Installation height top D 85.5 cm
Rear edge to centre of smoke outlet: E 11.5 cm
Installation height top: F 99 cm
Furniture distance: 80 cm
Distance to combustible: Bag = 20 cm. Sider = 20 cm

Varde Ovne reserves the right to alter dimensions etc., which may affect installation.

A simple and practical free-standing stove
Varde Als has rounded sides, which give the stove a slim profile that is easy to position in any home. Even standing in a corner, this wood-burning stove will brighten the room, spreading heat and cosiness.

The uniform handles on the stove’s combustion chamber and ash pan contribute to its attractive, coherent design. As standard, Varde Als has a top-mounted smoke outlet. If a cleaner appearance is preferred, the reverse outlet can be used instead.

Like all the other Varde wood-burning stoves, Varde Als features a pane-cleaning function that ensures that the front glass pane burns itself clean if the stove is fired correctly. The door, grate and smoke outlet are made of cast iron, which means longer stove service life.