Our products have always been about craftsmanship

We are now a total supplier of everything to do with wood-burning stoves, steel chimneys, stove accessories and spare parts. Our products are sold through retailers all over Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Your wood-burning stove is also a piece of furniture

Product development and improvement are a very important part of our working day. We think it is important to be in step with the developments and trends that we see in the market, while at the same time contributing with innovations that will benefit our customers and the environment.

We make wood-burning stoves easy for you to use

How do you fire your stove properly? What is the right position for my stove? How do you install a chimney? Our dialogue does not come to an end once your wood-burning stove is installed. On the contrary. We want to be the people you come to for advice. We love to give good advice. And because wood-burning stoves are the only thing we make. This gives us lots of insights that we would love to share with you.

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We thought about the environment on your behalf

We think it is important that our stoves are not an unnecessary
environmental burden. We have therefore made sure that every single VARDE stove has been subjected to careful testing by independent testing agencies for environmental impact. 

All VARDE wood-burning stoves are compliant with Danish regulations and standards, which are among the very strictest in the EU.

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Part of something bigger

VARDE Ovne has been part of the NIBE Group since 2006. The NIBE group has business activities in three areas: climate solutions, elements and wood-burning stoves. NIBE is a limited shareholding company with approx. 15,000 employees in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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