What are the key features of a VARDE stove?

Owning a wood-burning stove should be easy. Everyone wants a wood-burning stove to be easy to operate, with minimal maintenance.

Design and functionality

With a VARDE wood-burning stove, the details have been considered. Airflow controls on our stoves are ergonomically correct, which makes airflow management easy when burning.  The combustion chamber is easy to clean and ash can be emptied without getting unnecessary dust in your room, thanks to the bottom grate.

Combustion chamber door handles on many of VARDE’s stoves are temperate, so you do not need gloves when opening and closing the door. Temperate is a word that can be understood differently by different people. Some people will find it warm and others again may find it so warm they would prefer to wear a glove anyway. The handle will nevertheless never become so hot that you can burn yourself on it.

Heat is well distributed into the room based on the convection principle, whereby air is drawn in through heating channels. This is a typical characteristic of a VARDE wood-burning stove. Our stoves are also designed to suit every home.



Our wood-burning stoves are manufactured to a solid quality of craftsmanship. Doors, smoke outlets and bottom grates are made of beautifully worked cast iron, with attractive, elegant and invisible welds. This ensures that the parts of the stove that are exposed to the greatest amounts of heat will last longer.

It is important that the flames can be viewed optimally. The glass panes in our stoves are therefore made of heat resistant ceramic glass. All our burning stoves have a so-called air wash function to ensure that the glass always stays clean when the stove is burning properly.